Digi Art Final

HOURS 1 + 2:

As soon as the final was announced I started to brainstorm ideas for the final. I kept circling back to the one video we watched in class about the video walk. I loved the sound walk project and really enjoyed recording my surroundings. But I knew that the final had to be more more than just audio. So I began thinking about how I could accomplish a video walk and where it would take place. I came up with filming by the outdoor basketball court by Bushnell and the police station. I thought it would be a fun experience to have the audience walk up those stairs and experience that space in a multitude of different ways.

HOURS 3 + 4:

Now that I had a firm idea, I had to write out how the scenes of the video would be filmed. Here I have pictures of that process. At first this was super difficult for me to think through because I couldn’t wrap my head around whether I should form dialogue first and then film, or film and have dialogue added after. After talking with my professor, he suggested that I plan out the dialogue so that I can notify my actors when they should move based off of my script. I had planned to only have myself talk during this, and the actors were just there to add substance and certain entertainment qualities.

HOURS 4, 5, + 6:

During these three hours I filmed some of the shots that I needed that would have actors in them. My friend, Unnur, played guitar and sang for most of the video. During filming I decided that I was going to split the shots into seasons sort of, because Unnur had a coat and I thought it would be interesting to do a walk through of seasons. I had to re-film a lot of scenes because Unnur sometimes messed up a line or string every once and a while and we wanted it to be smooth. It took a few shots just to make sure everyone was moving when they needed to and what not. But after this first day of shooting, I was satisfied with the outcome.


I uploaded the footage that I had to final cut pro and I was disappointed to find that the quality of the videos were horrible. I asked my professor what I could do and he said that I needed to download the videos straight from the phone onto the computer. I had filmed some shots from Unnur’s phone so I had to get in contact with her to download them. My professor and I work on some possible transitions I could use to smooth the film in-between shots as well that day.

HOUR 8 + 9:

I decided that since I was going to have a series of season in my video walk, I needed something more than someone just wearing a jacket during a couple shoots. So, this day it was raining and I thought that would be a perfect time to shoot. I went out there for two hours planning how I was going to make the transition and filming it over and over until I was satisfied with how it ended. I think this really added to my video and it gave me the idea to add another scene, possibly during the night.

HOUR 10:

I had still not been able to meet up with Unnur at this point, so I download the film that I had on my own phone. My professor helped me figure out how to get the footage from my phone onto the computer, and once I had that the quality was so much better. I worked around with some transitions and with the sound until it was pretty good for the stage I was at.

HOURS 11 + 12:

I finally was able to meet up with Unnur and get the footage that she on her phone onto the computer. With the added footage I then had to go back and edit the transitions again to make sure they synced with my previous editions. I was having difficulty with figuring out the wind sound in some of the videos, and at that point I still wasn’t making a difference with it.

HOURS 12 + 13:

I went back to the studio to continue to edit the film that I had, the video was about 3 and a half minutes which I thought was great. But I started thinking again about adding another scene at the end where it turns to night time, especially since the day before the final was going to a full moon. It seemed risky to wait until the last minute to get that shot, but it also seemed worth it. So after planning out that scene, I continued to edit what I had by changing colors and sound.

HOURS 13, 14, + 15:

I recorded all of my dialogue which took quite a while because I had to make sure that it synced up with my video. I recorded every dialogue in scenes so that I could properly match them up with the video scenes. Once I uploaded those and got them synced up, I adjusted the sound on both the video and the audio to make sure that I was loud enough for it. This process took a lot of listening and going over, even cutting video sometimes to tune down the wind sound. Finally I was able to perfect that.

HOURS 16 + 17:

I decided last minute to add the nighttime scene to my video at the end. So I went out and recorded the landscape at night while the full moon was up. After collecting that video I went back to the studio and added the footage into the end of my video. Then I recorded the dialogue for this scene and added that in as well, with all of the proper adjustments. Finally after I rewatched my video a hundred of times, I uploaded it to my youtube account. It’s all finished with now!

Here is the url to my video!