High school friends, buffalo chicken dip, and karaoke

So it’s been a little bit since I gave you an update on my new single life! I’ve actually been having a super fun time and loving every minute of it. My friends are amazing and I’m meeting some really great new people!

Last weekend, my roommates and I threw a Valentine’s Day themed party at our apartment and it went so well! Everyone had fun and the decorations were fantastic. And of course I have to say that my buffalo chicken dip was a huge hit as it usually is at our parties. It’s the staple of a good party!

This weekend my best friend from high school, Kara, is visiting from Radford! I’m so excited to really show her Fredericksburg and the great places we can visit! I had planned on taking her to one of my favorite events, Karaoke night at Smokey Bones, but they unfortunately cancelled it this week. I’m so upset about it. So now I need some new plans and a new fun thing to do Friday night! But on Saturday we are headed to Culpeper to my grandfather’s restaurant, It’s About Thyme. We’ll probably eat dinner there and then grab drinks at the Copper Fish and then finally my aunt reserved us a room at their Inn for the night! So it’s perfect! I’m really hoping that she’ll enjoy it!

Valentine’s Day was yesterday and it was my first one in the last three years that I haven’t celebrated it with someone special. Thankfully I have great friends that took me out to Smokey Bones for Karaoke night and we had a blast! As usual! A freshman here at UMW works as a server there and he is always so nice to us! He gave us free chocolate covered strawberries to thank us for being his most loyal customers! We really like our Karaoke nights okay!

Anyway, thats the update for me this week. I hope your week has been great! Only a few more days until the weekend!


Song of the Week!

So this week I decided to give you a couple songs to enjoy your days with! The first song I have for you is a slower one, in case you want to get into your feels or contemplate life. Its called I’ll Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie. DCFC is one of my all time favorite bands, I’ve seen them three times in concert and they never stop amazing me. I have very fond memories of their album Plans because I used to listen to it everyday on my way to school in elementary school. So here it is…

Since I’m in the mood to remember the good ol’ days, here’s another song from my childhood. Its called Jesus, etc. by Wilco. I remember listening to this album also in the car, driving on i95 with my parents into Wilmington on summer days. It’s a chill tune, but great for a bright day that you’re driving around and enjoying the nice air.



Raised voices from downstairs float
up to the little girl’s room. The garage door slams,
one voice still lingers.
Her steps slowly slip down the stairs so that she can

Her father stands in the middle of the kitchen
taking another sip from his beer. He stares at her,
young girl with her pink pajamas ready for bed but
his eyes can’t focus. Mommy left
he tells her.

She runs fast to the door, animating her once still legs makes them sore.
The cold, winter air hits her straight in the face
but the realization that he was right hits harder. She turns
and this time she is staring at him. Staring so hard
she can feel the blood rush back to her face.
She charges.

Slam, slamming each tiny fist into daddy’s stomach
while tears stream down each cheek
soaking her shirt. Daddy falters back, unable
to keep still. His images are blurry and his head isn’t where it
should be. Little girl grabs the bottle and cracks
it on the linoleum floor. It shatters. They both stare.

She stares as the bubbles pop, wishing she could be
one. Pop. She’s gone. Pop. Daddy’s gone.

Mommy’s bubble popped awhile ago.


The street lights shone through the window
like the warm glow of the setting sun.
But cold, fingerlike breathes of air wrap around me.
Sheets lay crumbled in the corner of my bed, cascading
over the edge as if creating a
waterfall to no where. They spilled onto the shadow
of my tired body. Sleep weighed my eyelids,
yet I could not lay down. Every curve of your body was
outlined like a crime scene
into the mattress. Yesterday was sunshine. Today is rain clouds.
Memories of you stain every inch of this room.

On summer days, the light through
our window shone like bright, yellow daises.
Legs tangled in blankets,
arms reaching up in a large stretch towards the sky.
Springs creaked as the mattress gave up under the weight
of tossing bodies. Falling asleep,
I would watch your ribs rise and fall like
the ebb of ocean waves. Warmth as strong
as rum in your stomach filled the bed.
A swarm of fireflies danced in our hair and
sat on our eyelashes.

Now the springs scream and echo in
the silence of my room. The fireflies have all flown
away. I guess they followed you. Sometimes,
the whoosh of a breath jolts me awake. I thought I
had heard you. But those waves don’t wash up
anymore. I sleep on my side of the bed still, just in case
you find yourself back here again.
Darkness paints pictures of your silhouette, but
it never gets it quite right. My memory slowly
wiping away your image. I keep grabbing, reaching for it.
Holding on as much as I can until
the waterfall of sheets suck me down
like a monster from the dark. Your worn in spot in my mattress
still stays, refusing to let me forget that nothing is the same.


So I’m currently enrolled in an Intro to Creative Writing course where for the first 7 weeks I will be writing poetry. So I thought I’d share it with you guys! I hope you enjoy them! They will be in separate posts after this one, but just wanted you to be aware of what was coming up! So keep an eye out!


Song of the week

Each week I’ll give you guys a song from Spotify that I’ve been really into recently! This week’s song is Life Itself by Glass Animals – The Roosevelt Remix!

I’ve been getting into some EDM because it’s so much fun to dance to! Also great for a long car ride to keep you awake!




So I mentioned in my “A little about me” post that there were going to be some changes coming up in my life soon. When I wrote that, I was expecting some change in the future, but it came pretty quickly!

This past weekend I broke up with my boyfriend of over three years. We’ve known each other since we were 17 and started dating at that age too. We went through senior year of high school together; dressing up for every prom and being at each other’s graduation. We transitioned to college life together, him at Virginia Tech and me here at UMW. We helped each other through a lot of big moments in our life but we had also only known the comfort of each other that whole time. There has never been a moment in college where we were independently ourselves and living on our own. We always had each other to rely on in dark times and of course that was great to have. But I started to wonder what it would be like to be my own independent person and if I could even do it.

He is about to go to Germany for the semester and then has a co-op in Georgia for the following semester and summer. There’s so much going on in our lives that I thought it best if we went on our separate ways for now. It was an amicable break up and I’m not feeling so bad. I’m very much excited to learn what life has for me now and to experience it free of any relationships.

  • Erica


As promised, here is a picture of Leo (cat) and I also added a picture of Tanker (dog). Tanker is my buddy, he sleeps with me every night that I’m home.

A little about me

I thought that I could start off my blog by giving you a little insight into who I am, what I like, and just some silly things about me.

So I’m from this far away land that no one seems to know, called Delaware. Delaware is one of my favorite places to be and I think I might be it’s biggest fan. Behind Joe Biden of course. I was born in Georgia but only spent the first two years of my life there and then I moved with my parents to Delaware and thats where I’ve been ever since. My younger brother, Adam, was born in Delaware in what he called a “shack”. My mother loves telling the story in which she showed Adam where he was born and his first comment was “I was born in a shack?”. But since living in Elesmere, Delaware we have moved to Newark. I attended an amazing all girls Catholic school in Wilmington where I found six of my life long best friends and now I attend University of Mary Washington! I’m a Communication and Digital Studies Major and I absolutely love it. I live with my two best friends, Katie and Robyn, and Katie’s cat Leo! I’ll have to share a picture of him soon, he’s like a model.

I also have a best friend, almost family member, that lives in Austria. Her name is Romana and she was my exchange student sophomore year of high school and we have stayed really close ever since. I have traveled to Austria twice to see her and since she was studying in America sophomore year she’s been back three times. I started taking German here at UMW so that I could eventually speak to her great grandmother and grandmother. I always felt bad for not being able to tell them how much I loved their cooking! Hopefully I should be traveling back to Austria this summer and can practice some of my German.

There are some big changes that are about to happen to my life soon and I’m hoping that they’re going to be for the best. I’ll keep you updated on what those changes will be and how I get through them. But for now I can’t wait for a nice weekend to catch up on some work and sleep. Have a great weekend everyone!



Hey people of the internet. Welcome to my blog! This is going to be an honest blog about my life; the everyday struggle of a 21 year old college student trying to figure out their life.

– Erica