Artist Blog- Chris Milk

Chris Milk is an entrepreneur, being a founder and CEO of Within (Virtual Reality) and co-founder of Here Be Dragons (virtual reality production company). His career started with music videos and photography but has advanced past that to more expansive technologies. Milk is known for directing music videos for artists like Kanye West, Arcade Fire, Beck, Jack White, U2, Modest Mouse, and others. Milk has been experimenting with cross-media innovations to connect audiences and bands with the music being produced. He says that he was attempting to enhance emotional human storytelling.

I really enjoyed diving into Chris Milk’s work. He seems to have quite an imagination and amazing ideas. One of my favorite installations of his was the Exquisite Forest because it allowed everyone, everywhere to contribute to this art piece. That was such a unique idea that I was really blown away. We’ve seen a lot of artists that share their work and show others how to complete it themselves, but usually that information is for people who already know how to use the programs they’re using. Milk has made a project that is accessible for anyone with a computer and some imagination!

1. The Exquisite Forest

2.  Wilderness Machine

3. Gnarls Barkey, Gone Daddy Gone music video

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