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Christian Marclay is a visual artist and composer that has citizenship in both America and Switzerland.  He was the pioneer in the use of the gramophone record and turntables to create music. Specifically he uses these instruments to create sound collages while exploring the connection between sound, noise, photography, video, and film. His first exhibition was in 1987 with the installation of The Clocktower in New York City.  Marclay has been able to transform music and sound into tangible physical forms and performances.


The first thing I thought of Marclay was that his work was a little difficult to find in whole. There were art pieces that you could look at, but the real performances and what not were a little harder for me to find for some reason. But when I was able to find them, I found myself clicking more and more to see what else Marclay was doing. I watched an excerpt of The Clock and I was fascinated by it but did not quite understand its significance until I watched an interview with Marclay where he describes his video. I really enjoyed that it was a real time video that was synced with the time of everyday life. There was no true beginning or end, it just was whenever you happened to walk in and start to watch it. His work seems very prolific and very in depth, which was great to see because I love an artist that really dives into their projects.


The Clock

an except:

the interview:

Calder’s Small Sphere and Large Sphere

Marclay Record Splices

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