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Evan Roth is a graduate from the University of Maryland as well as Parsons, the new school for design. His digital artwork contains a sort of hacker like quality with projects that deal with transient moments in public spaces. He is most known for his interactive art works, programming generative art,  and LED throwies. He assisted in creating the Graffiti Research Lab, Free Art and Technology Lab, and Eyewriter.

At first I have to admit that I was quite confused with what Roth was trying to achieve. I’m still a little unsure of the meaning behind each of his works, but the three that I looked at really spoke to me. Total Internal Reflection was quite intriguing in the way that Roth used technology that ghost hunters typically use to record spirits and such. I thought that was such a unique idea and really wonderful that he choose a location that was near water so that you could hear the water along with the space and pictures with this technology. Internet Cache Self Portrait series was actually a little scary to be honest, but in a raw and open way. Here Roth demonstrates just how much information the internet has on us and how they compile our information with ads. The length of the portrait was a terrifying realization. Muti-Touch Painting series was my favorite because it was such a simple yet beautifully executed idea. It was really interesting to see the finger prints like ghosts of the actions that had happened forever displayed and recorded on huge canvases.


Total Internal Reflection:

Internet Cache Self Portrait series:

Multi-Touch Paintings series:




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