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Kirsten Lepore is a director and animator based in LA. Lepore has worked on many projects with clients such as Google, Cartoon Network, MTV, Facebook, Nickelodeon, and Whole Foods, etc. She won an Annie and Emmy for a stop motion episode of Adventure Time, a show featured on Cartoon Network. That film in particular took over a year to make. Lepore is currently animation director for an upcoming indie feature film.

When I first found Kirsten’s website, the thing that popped out first was the “Hi Stranger” stop motion film. That’s because I have seen that image in memes and short GIFs all over the internet. So right away, I was interested to -see what else this artist had created and I was not disappointed. I feel like I’ve watched almost everything Lepore has created now because I just couldn’t stop watching. The stop motion element to Lepore’s work fascinates me so much because of how much patience and trial and error must occur while making even a short film. It blows my mind that about a 15 minute video like the Adventure Time episode took over a year to make. That is some serious dedication and persistence. When you look at her website it doesn’t seem to have a ton of work on it, like some of the other artists we’ve looked at. But when considering how much time goes into each project, it was easy to understand why. I thoroughly enjoyed watching and experiencing her art.

  • This episode was really great, and looked so detailed and fun. I’ve seen Adventure Time before and I’ve always enjoyed it, but it was so cool that they invited Lepore to work with them to make a stop motion episode. HOW COOL!

  • Craig and Walter was a seemingly simple little film, but it was just so unique and witty.

  • Sweet Dreams must have taken FOREVER to make as well. It was pretty long for a stop motion film, and so entertaining to watch. I couldn’t stop staring and trying to guess what was going to happen next.


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