Artist Blog- Marco Brambilla

Marco Brambilla is a digital artist based in both New York and Berlin. His art is primarily visual and installation centered with re-contextualizations of found imagery. His work with 3D technology has pioneered the field for other digital artists. He often uses new technologies in his work and has gone on to have many exhibits to display his art. He’s completed videos, photographs, and other digital projects showing his wide range of talent.

Marco Brambilla’s work is absolutely stunning. Each piece has such thought and intention behind it. It almost feels like an outer body experience that you just can’t stop looking at. The words”heavenly”, “extraterrestrial”, and “holy” came to mind when watching and experiencing his pieces. There’s something so angelic yet monstrous about his pieces that I can’t quite wrap my head around. Its magnificent and horrifying at the same time.




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