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Takeshi Murata is a digital artist from Chicago. He creates digital art using video and computer animation techniques. Both of his parents were architects, so he claims that that was where he gained his awareness of spaces. Because of this, Murata naturally gravitated toward animation. He has a love for cartoons as well that directed him to this path, and also found influence in horror films.


First, I wanted to say that while I think Murata’s art is precise, clean, has extreme attention to detail, and so forth, I personally could not get over the ideas of his pieces. After watching OM Rider and I, Popeye, I just felt like I was waiting for the short films to end the whole time. I tried to focus mainly on the digital artwork element, because it was quite spectacular. But the concepts for the short films were so out of my comfort zone and I could not understand them so therefore it was a bit frustrating. They were really hard to watch, but I greatly appreciated the exquisite attention to detail and realism within his pieces, especially in OM Rider. When the old man is walking up the stairs, the shadows seemed so realistic and that seems like a really hard thing to accomplish in digital art, especially when its moving.

OM Rider

Night Moves

I, Popeye


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