Project 5- Gifs

For the gif about myself, I choose to do a loop of myself putting out a candle. I struggle with “staying lit” or motivation, and I thought this would be a good reflection of how I tend to self sabotage myself sometimes. I know that it isn’t a happy topic, but it’s something real about myself. I understand this part of myself and am always working on it, but sometimes it just takes over and seems to loop out of my control.

For my second gif that had to have nature, I choose to manipulate this a little. My gif contains manmade objects, but that was because I wanted to show that society tends to admire nature but only from afar and behind a window. At least it seems that way in my generation and the generations below me. They seem to want to take those beautiful new spring pictures of trees that have just blossomed, but go inside right after they do so.

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